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What if I already have Aflac?

You can have both traditional Aflac and Aflac Group policies together. You can keep your current traditional Aflac policy and purchase an Aflac Group policy. Or you can replace your current traditional policy with Aflac Group.

What happens if I leave my employer? 

You can keep your policies if you leave your employer. Your policies are portable at the same group rate.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes you can cancel at anytime.

When will I be eligible to enroll again?

This is your one time opportunity for guaranteed Issue products. You will be able to enroll again next year but if you are not a New employee you will not have the guaranteed issue option again.

When can new hires or new TDA members enroll?

New hires and new members are eligible to enroll immediately upon hire date with a 30 day enrollment window.

When will my first draft begin?

Policies Effective January 1st 2023 will first draft on January 6th 2022.

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